Landscape Soils
Developed using our many years of experience - both in producing potting mixes for professional nurserymen and in the identifying, sourcing and processing of the right raw materials
Gro-Max® Premium Garden Soil
  • Well balanced, complete soil
  • High organic matter content; light weight and porous
  • Optimum pH, water holding and porosity
  • Resists compaction
Gro-Turf® Top Dress
  • Attacks thatch
  • Encourages grow-in
  • Benefits turf layer and root zone
  • Apply with or without seed in topdressing program
Gro-Veg™ Market Garden Soil
  • All-in-One market garden soil
  • Balanced for organic matter, mineral requirements and nutrients
  • Ideal for vegetables, herbs and leafy greens
LA Planting Soil
  • Amended top soil for sodding or general purpose planting
  • Loamy texture with >5% organic matter
  • Free of contaminants, adjusted for pH  
Contractor's Triple
  • Dark, rich, multi-purpose planting soil
  • Mineral/ organic coarse blend
  • Eco-friendly alternative to heavy peat soils
  • Ideal for commercial applications
Fine Garden Soil
  • Retail Economy Soil
  • Mineral/ Organic Fine Blend
Boulevard Mix
  • Custom soil for large planters
  • Blend of topsoil and organic materials
  • Long-term shrinkage is minimized 
  • Root zone environment is optimized for trees, shrubs and bedding plants
Bioretention Soil
  • Engineered Sand Mix for Bioswales
  • Formulated to provide a filter for surface water run-off
  • ‍TRCA/CVCA Spec
Divot Mix
  • Improving playing conditions at premium golf courses for over a decade
  • Optimum moisture retention
  • High microbial activity for increased disease suppression
  • Organic nutrients
  • Increased germination rates