Gro-Turf® Top Dress
Organic topdress blend used to maintain turf, encourage grow-in or assist in over-seeding
Soil Type
  • Topdress

Physical Characteristics

  • < 3/8 Fine Organics
Horticultural Benefits
  • Attacks thatch
  • Encourages grow-in
  • Benefits turf layer and root zone
  • Apply with or without seed in topdressing program

Frequently Asked Questions

product Back story

When the pesticide ban was introduced, landscapers and home owners needed new tools to help establish sod and improve existing turf.  Gro-Bark® developed Gro-Turf®  - a top dress that was designed to help decompose thatch at the turf-soil interface and thereby promote better water penetration to the roots. Later, Gro-Turf® was adjusted to hold more water so that it can be used as a medium for overseeding as well as for an organic matter treatment. Today, Gro-Turf® is a dual purpose product fine enough to go through spreaders.

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