Gro-Bark's business activities are supported by a large pool of processing and transport equipment. We also operate several sites that offer a great deal of flexibility for both customers and suppliers.

Customers can count on reliable deliveries as Gro-Bark owns a large fleet of highway transports equipped with walking floor trailers. We own several different types of mobile screening and grinding plants which provide many opportunities for custom processing.

Gro-Bark does offer contract screening, grinding and transportation services.

Give us a call at (905) 846-1515 or leave us a message in our contact form if you would like some more information on how our grinding, screening or transportation services can help you.


Gro-Bark has several mobile grinders which serve in a variety of situations. Woody materials like brush, logs, yard trimmings or coarse bark can be reduced to produce mulch products of various particle sizes and shapes. Gro-Bark has many years experience in custom grinding services and can tackle single jobs, work on long-term contracts or anything in between. Our mobility is another aspect of our flexibility and we can work anywhere in Southern and Northeastern Ontario.


Gro-Bark has several mobile screening plants that can be used to deal with a wide variety of organic materials. Whether it is a double-deck gyratory box screener, a trommel or a star screen that will convert your feedstock into usable products, Gro-Bark has the experience and equipment to find a solution for you. Our screening operation travels throughout Southern and Northeastern Ontario.

Reclamation Screening
Flat Deck Screeners
Trommel Screeners

Star Screeners


Trucking has been a strength of Gro-Bark for over twenty-five years. And it is our drivers that make the difference. Gro-Bark's bulk fleet is based on walking-floor trailers that travel throughout Southern and Northeastern Ontario. We have the ability to move a lot of bulk material in short order. Today, we have many other specialized trucks including belt-bottom trailers and high volume triaxles. All of our trucks handle company product deliveries and contract freight.

Bulk material transportation in large walking floor trailers

Bulk aggregate and soil transportation in tri-axles and live bottom trailers