Complete your garden with one of our natural Canadian mulches to give a clean professional finish, enhance moisture retention and increase weed supression
  • Freshly ground pine bark
  • Uniform texture, great aroma 
  • Reddish brown colour ages to dark 
  • Acidic pH helps condition soil 
  • Decomposing pine enriches sub-soil 
  • Processed from fresh pine bark 
  • Fully composted in a managed process
  • Dark black, rich colour 
  • pH and organic matter improves sub-soil: first-rate soil conditioner
Decorative Hardwood Blend
  • Finely ground blend of woody substrates, hardwood barks and softwood barks
  •  Natural pale brown, tan colour ages to warm, dark brown 
  • Excellent for mulching commercial scale plantings
Four Seasons
  • Naturally aged pine bark
  • Dark rich colour
  • Fresh pine smell
  • Excellent mulch or soil amendment