There is very little we take more for granted in this world than soil.  It is an afterthought to landscape professionals and home gardeners alike.  Perhaps it is because it is usually a small cost component of any job. The truth is that while soil may only be 5% of the budget, there is nothing more that influences to short, medium and long term success of a landscape project than the soil.

The soil we think of in farm fields is the reference point for any discussion on the subject.  The reality is that modern farming has long ago depleted most of Ontario’s top soil of essential ingredients for growing plants well.  And if we are trying to grow plants commercially for food production or horticultural use, we absolutely need to amend the existing soils or build new ‘engineered’ soils.  Urban environments now create demands for soil that equal those commercial production soils in technology.

What makes a great soil?

The best soil for your project will be designed to:

  1. Hold your plants upright when fully grown
  2. Store nutrients and make them available to the plants upon demand through a dynamic below ground food web
  3. Provide a healthy environment for the soil microbes that actually feed plants and protect them from disease
  4. Have the texture and structure to provide the plant roots and soil microbes with a balance of water and air



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