Gro-Bark® produces a wide range of bark and wood mulch products.  Bark is purchased from sawmills and sorted by species at our many sites.  The large scale accumulation, storage and processing of similar barks provides the customer with products that have consistent qualities—week after week, year after year. The website provides colour photo tiles of the entire mulch product line.

The primary functions of mulch are to provide weed control and to preserve moisture in the soil below.  Success in achieving these goals can greatly reduce maintenance time and cost. Aesthetics are also an important consideration in many mulching applications and the right colour or texture can greatly enhance a commercial or residential landscape project.

Gro-Bark® bark and wood mulch products should be applied 4” thick to achieve the desired results.  All organic mulches will decompose and seasonal topping-up is required.  Hardwood mulch tends to decompose the fastest of the species, and coarser mulch will decompose more slowly than fine mulch. The decomposition of mulch should be considered a good thing because rain or irrigation water carries that decomposed organic matter down into the root zone of the plants where it is highly beneficial for the ongoing health of the soil and the plantings.  One of the common misconceptions about bark or wood mulch is that could create an imbalance of C:N ratio in the subsoil but that has been proven to be untrue in several studies—it just does not decompose fast enough to scavenge nitrogen from the soil below.

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