Extensive Mix

Soil Type

  • FLL Extensive spec mix

Physical Characteristics

  • Air space > 10%
  • Water retention 35-65%
  • Max. Bulk Density < 1.4 g/ cmᶟ

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know?

The physical properties of soil can be manipulated to provide long term plant survival even in the harshest of environments.

Gro-Bark® Engineered Soils give plants the absolute best chance at survival in an urban environment. Gro-Bark® uses high quality, locally available mineral and organic ingredients to meet your project specifications.

Gro-Bark® has a long list of soil blending ingredients ready to custom blend soils for many applications. That list includes bark, peat, sphagnum, loam, sand, Haydite®, coir, compost, manure and fertilizers. Call us to discuss what ingredients are available in your region and how we can help you to meet the specifications you require.

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