Concerned about Sudden Oak Death? Not with Gro-Bark.

January 31, 2020

We learned of a sudden oak death outbreak in Ohio this past summer and more recently, in Pennsylvania this fall. It was determined that the plants originated from the west coast, but concerns arose regarding the possibility of disease transmission through Gro-Bark’s leaf and yard compost.

So Gro-Bark undertook a thorough literature review on Sudden Oak Death to help us better understand the disease and the modes of transmission.

We also wanted to ensure that our composting process completely eradicated the disease and therefore any likelihood of transmission. Through our research, we confirmed that in order to destroy the disease, a compost pile should remain at 55 degrees Celsius for a minimum of one hour.

Gro-Bark’s composting process is monitored to ensure it remains above 55°C for 15 consecutive days, in accordance with Ontario Regulation 101/94. Therefore, our process is both longer and typically at a higher temperature than what is required to achieve 100% kill, so it can be concluded that there is no concern over disease transmission of Sudden Oak Death through Gro-Bark’s leaf and yard waste compost.